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  • Why You Don’t Need a Local Life Insurance Advisor


Why You Don’t Need a Local Life Insurance Advisor

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The top Life insurance companies recommend speaking to a life insurance broker or financial adviser. But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself…

We can’t give financial advice. If you want advice on whether a product is suitable for you please contact a professional adviser.” Friends Life

So you can make the right decision about what’s right for your needs, it’s a good idea to talk to your financial adviser.” Aegon

Scottish Provident plans are available exclusively through financial advisers.”

What’s wrong with a home visit?

Well nothing really, but if in the past you’ve been like me and had a mortgage adviser visit you at home then you’ll understand why I think it may not be the best way to buy such products. Yes, they are extremely friendly, polite and persuasive but you’ll find that you end up buying the product they suggest not because it’s the best deal for you but because he/she was such a lovely person! This may be just me but buying expensive products like life insurance and mortgages should not take into account the lovely salesperson who stopped by for a couple of hours and drank your tea and ate your biscuits.

So what’s the best way to buy Life Insurance

For me, it has to be over the phone. If you’ve ever tried completing the complicated forms on these big comparison websites then you know that they are not straightforward and who is there to answer your questions? In fact, many of these comparison websites just list links to life insurance companies prompting you to complete an application – not really a good service!

Over the phone, on the other hand, you get to speak to a real live person who’ll answer your questions, give you options and then provide you with a whole of the market quote. You then can take your time and make the right decision on the type of policy which suits you and not is persuaded by any notions of friendliness you have with the telephone adviser.

Buy Direct or Not?

Insurance Companies can be split into three categories, ones that sell life insurance direct, ones that sell via an independent life insurance advisor/intermediary and ones that do both. Actually, you’ll find that the ones which advertise that they sell directly also sell via a life insurance intermediary too.

It’s my opinion that whilst going directly to life insurance companies may be beneficial in that you get a free gift are you really getting the right life insurance policy for your circumstances? After all buying life insurance is not as straightforward as buying a new coat. This is why the life insurance industry is so heavily regulated.

This type of regulation means that life insurance companies have to find new ways of getting people to buy their product – which is why we have seen a lot of them “encouraging” you to buy their insurance directly. If you take a minute to think about it, do you really have enough knowledge about life insurance and all the different types of policies on the market to go it alone? No, then complete the above form and we’ll give you a call asap.


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