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Royal London’s reputation as a good life insurance is unquestionable but for that matter so are the other companies that offer life insurance. Since life insurance is not that straightforward a product we recommend that you speak to one of our life insurance agents who’ll be able to look at the whole of the market. They’ll compare Royal London’s life cover with other providers and get you the best deal – saving you time and money!

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Completing the form on the right means that in a short space of time you can speak to a life insurance advisor who’ll be able to compare Royal London’s various life insurance policies with the rest of the market.  Acting straightaway means that you no longer need to listen to that nagging voice in your head telling you to arrange life insurance!

Royal London Life Insurance

Are you familiar with Royal London Life Insurance?

Royal London Life Insurance has been around since 1861 and has been a mutual society since 1908. This means that profits made are used to improve the service rather than benefit external shareholders. Acquisitions made from 2000 onwards incorporated well-known names such as Scottish Life, Scottish Provident and United Assurance Group into Royal London and have resulted in it becoming the UK’s biggest mutual society providing life insurance, pensions and investments.

What Type of Life Cover does Royal London Offer?

Royal London provide level cover or decreasing cover life insurance. Level cover is for those who need to provide a set amount on death, eg to satisfy a mortgage or to guarantee a certain amount for dependants. Decreasing cover life insurance is more suited if your debts will reduce over time, eg to cover a capital and interest mortgage where the amount owed decreases as you make mortgage payments.

For extra peace of mind, Royal London offers critical illness cover included with their life insurance. While none of us ever expect to suffer a life-changing illness, knowing that your mortgage will be paid off should this happen is extremely reassuring and provides a huge safety net for you and your family.

In addition, Royal London can tailor a life insurance policy for you at extra cost to include serious illness cover. This provides a pay-out in certain circumstances including cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, benign brain tumour, heart attack or dementia. This can also include cover if your child suffers a serious illness.

Benefits of  Royal London Life Insurance

When you arrange life cover with Royal London, you benefit from a service called Helping Hand – designed to support you with a dedicated nurse if you suffer illness, injury or bereavement during your term of cover. This could help you to organise a second opinion on your condition, support in recovery from heart attack or stroke, complementary therapies or counselling.

Is Royal London Life Cover accredited?

UK legislation requires insurance companies to be regulated. The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society complies with statutory requirements. The Prudential Regulation Authority authorises Royal London and its conduct is supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This gives potential customers complete confidence that they are dealing with a properly accredited and regulated insurance provider.

What is life insurance?
Life insurance is an agreement between a customer and company which guarantees a monetary sum to be paid out to dependants should the customer die during the covered term. It’s important for customers to keep to the terms of the contract and make sure insurance premiums are paid as agreed. The amount of cover is agreed according to financial responsibilities left behind on a customer’s death.  The premium will depend on various aspects of the customer, such as age, lifestyle and health. Please note that life insurance policies cannot be cashed in – their value lies only in agree conditions being met during the term covered by the policy.

Do Royal London pay out Life Insurance?

Royal London guarantee that their policies will pay out as long as policy requirements are met. It always pays to read the terms and conditions of any insurance policy so you are clear how and when you are covered. Be sure to ask our advisers if you have any questions and to make sure you get the cover you expect.

Does it pay to shop around for Life Cover?

You deserve to get the best cover available at the best price and this is where our advisers can help. Contact us to make sure you get the cover you need at a price you can afford.

Even if you already have life insurance, check with us to find out if you can save money on your premiums.


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