Decreasing Term Assurance

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Decreasing Term Assurance

Mortgage decreasing term assurance and decreasing term life insurance are the same thing. Often referred to as mortgage life insurance, decreasing term insurance is designed to pay off the mortgage should you die within the cover period.

It is known as decreasing term assurance because, over time, your outstanding mortgage debt will decrease but your premiums will remain the same.  Usually this means that these types of policies are cheaper.

Decreasing Term Assurance is ideal for those who need life insurance cover for:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Dependants
  • Shorter than life-long cover

If you are looking for cheap term life insurance only take out the policy for the life of the mortgage – e.g. if you only have 10 years left on your mortgage then only take out the policy for that period.

Why complete the form?

Completing the form means that in a short space of time you can speak to one of our life insurance agents¬†who’ll help you find the best decreasing term assurance policy. Acting straightaway means that the nagging voice in your head telling you to arrange life insurance can be eventually silenced!

decreasing life insurance companies

Critical Illness Cover

So what if, over the last 10 years of your mortgage, you suffer from a critical illness? You’ll no doubt be off work and you may well even lose your job – resulting in a dramatic loss of income to the household. This nightmare scenario could get a lot worse as this loss of income could mean the difference between keeping and losing your house!

How would you feel then? This is why many people take out critical illness insurance with their decreasing term life insurance policy. This peace of mind means that should the worst happen you know that you and your family don’t have to worry about the finances!

Complete the form and get a quote for decreasing cover life insurance. For further peace of mind, why not consider critical illness cover too?

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