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Why Compare Life Insurance Deals?

  • Save money – its cheaper than going direct!

  • Compare leading UK insurers

  • Combined quote option with critical illness insurance


We never like thinking about a time when we are no longer here, but think about the financial impact on your family your untimely death would have.

Getting a life insurance quote as soon as you can is not only a financially prudent thing to do but  responsible giving yourself peace of mind.

None of us know what’s around the health corner, so don’t delay and get a life insurance quote just now by completing the form on the right.





Amount of Life Cover

It is never easy to think about the impact of your death but ensuring you get the right level of life cover is extremely important. Vital things to consider are:

  • mortgage debt
  • cost of childcare
  • loss of income
  • other outstanding debts

Plus there are other eventualities which you don’t really think about. So try and get as much cover as your budget will permit. The hardest bit of life insurance is recognising our own mortality. The easiest thing is to make provision should the worst happen. Fill out the form to the right and get a quote today!

Types of cover

Our brokers offer two types of cover, level term cover and decreasing term cover.

Level Cover

Level term cover is ideal for those who have an interest only mortgage. The tax free cash lump sum payable will remain the same throughout the period of your plan.

Decreasing Cover

This is perfect for people who have a capital and interest mortgage. As the cash lump sum required to pay off the mortgage debt decreases, so does the value of the plan.

Life insurance offers us reassurance that our loved ones will be free from financial worry should the worst happen. There’s a good reason why life insurance has been popular for so long – it offers low-cost peace of mind. However, prices can vary widely between different insurers so it’s essential to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover offers additional peace of mind. Should an illness come out of the blue then a lump sum payout could make things easier, at least financially. The money could be used to cover the period you are out of work, for help with recuperation or to pay for child care; the option is yours.


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