Life Insurance Comparison Websites are a Waste of Time

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Comparison websites are designed to make money from you by automating the whole life insurance quote process. Which means lots of form filling!

By completing the form you’ll:

  • Complete only one form,
  • Talk to a one of our life insurance agents,
  • Get a whole of the market quote

Why complete the form?

In only takes one minute to complete the form on the right. So in a short space of time you can speak to one of our life insurance agents who’ll be able to survey the life insurance market for the best deal for you. Acting straightaway means that you no longer need to listen to that nagging voice in your head telling you to arrange life insurance.

Arrange life insurance now before the price hike!

If you need further proof that life insurance comparison websites are a waste of time then read our article below.

compare life insurance companiesLet’s look at what a comparison site does. You arrive on their site and fill in your details name, age, date of birth etc, as you do on our site. You are then sent to the next page which is a list of life insurance companies with a “quote” for the details you have just entered. You then click on the proceed button, which sends you directly to the insurance company which then says that the price you were apparently quoted was an “indicative quick quote”! You then have to fill in the life insurance company forms and answer questions about your health etc you may or may not understand.

So if you want to get quotes from lets say 20 companies then you would have to do the above process 20 times!

Is that a good service? I would say no. If all it took was filling in a standard from and getting life insurance cover then the FSA would not heavily regulate the industry. Life insurance cover needs explanation which is why they make sure the people you deal with have the right knowledge to supply you with a quote for a life insurance policy.

Complete our form, it’s straightforward and once completed we will call you and listen to what your specific requirements are. We will search the market for the most suitable life insurance policy.  If you tried to compare life insurance quotes using a price comparison site then you would have to complete 30-40 forms to find the best quote and even then you wouldn’t have spoken to anyone independent.

Some of the comparison sites recognise “flaws” in their price comparison service, which is why they have a free phone number to call where you can speak to an advisor.

The above is just our opinion which we believe is right. If you don’t believe us then here are the links to to the comparison sites which we think are a total waste of time.

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