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  • Mortgage Life Insurance

    Tired of searching for a Mortgage Life Insurance Quote? We understand that you can spend a lot of time searching and searching for the right deal.


Mortgage Life Insurance

Tired of searching for a Mortgage Life Insurance Quote? We understand that you can spend a lot of time searching and searching for the right deal.

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Complete the form below and an advisor will call you back and will answer any questions you have about life insurance. Once you’re happy with the type of cover you want we will look survey the market and come back with competitive mortgage life insurance quotes, a lot quicker than any comparison site.

You could try the various price comparison sites but do you understand enough about the complexities of life insurance to go it alone? And imagine how long it would take to compare over 40 companies using these sites!

Things to Know

What is mortgage life insurance?

Mortgage life insurance basically pays out a lump sum to help pay off your mortgage when you die within the policy terms.  This means your loved ones can continue living in the house whilst coming to terms with their loss.

As you can see in our mortgage life insurance quote form there are two types of cover available level and decreasing cover.

  • Mortgage term assurance, sometimes called level term insurance, means that the premiums and the payout remain the same throughout the duration of the policy.
  • Decreasing term insurance or if you prefer,  it’s technical name Mortgage Decreasing Term Life Assurance (MDTLA) means that as your mortgage debt decreases the amount you need cover for will also decrease.

Mortgage life insurance warning

If you don’t have any dependants and money is tight then you shouldn’t take out this type of insurance.  What’s the point of having a life insurance policy if you don’t have anybody to leave it to?

If you have just taken out a mortgage or about to take out another mortgage then you’ll no doubt find your provider will try and foist their expensive life insurance policy on you.  As you can see from this site we strongly recommend not going direct for you life insurance policy.  By talking to one of our life insurance agents you’ll also get all your questions answered regarding an extremely important contract.  Would you buy a house without using a lawyer? No.

Avoid going direct to insurance companies

If you are after unbiased advice then contact us and we will talk to you about your needs, answer any questions you have about the various types of policies and then look at the market for not only the best-priced mortgage life insurance deal but the most suitable one for you.

If you think about what’s involved in going direct and getting a quote then multiply that by the number of insurance companies you’ll see the amount of work involved in getting decent life cover.  You also need to think about the amount of money these companies spend on trying to stop you from comparing the market.  Yes they offer some incentives but with life insurance are you sure you want to base the reason on going for a particular life insurance company solely on a cheap radio or gold pen?


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