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Aviva life Insurancedon’t go direct!

  • Compare Aviva life Insurance with other companies
  • Combined quote option with critical illness insurance
  • Premiums from as little as £5
  • Life insurance policy tailored to your needs

Aviva Life Cover offers superb protection but is it right for you? Save your precious time and complete our form on the right. In no time at all you’ll be speaking to a fully FSA qualified life insurance advisor who will survey the whole of the market for a policy tailored to your needs.

Remember going direct to insurance companies limits your choice!

Aviva Life Cover

We have all seen the Aviva life insurance commercials on TV trying to convince us that they provided the best life insurance on the planet. But how do we know that they do? For many years we have all been seduced by clever marketing tactics to make us buy a product. This is fine for a box of cornflakes or even a bar of chocolate as we can choose not to buy another one if we don’t’ like it – but we can’t do this with life insurance!

Aviva Life insurance does offer a great life insurance policy but how do you know it is the best one for you? How can you compare its policy with other life insurance companies? Is the advice you are receiving from Aviva Life Assurance truly independent? I am not raising these questions to put you off Aviva just to make you aware why getting a quote from an independent life insurance broker is the right thing to do if you are serious about protecting your family should the worst happen.

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Aviva Life Insurance Benefits

As I said above, would you really be confident, if you went directly to that Aviva  for a life assurance quote, that they were going to offer you the right life insurance policy at the best rate?  Aviva do spend a lot of money on branding and they are a really good company, but there are a lot of other life insurance companies which offer really good life insurance policies too!  So complete the above form and find out how competitive Aviva life insurance really is.

Here’s a quick summary of what Aviva offer

  • Monthly premiums are guaranteed never to rise
  • Premiums start from £5 a month, depending on your personal circumstances
  • Joint cover available for you and your partner
  • Easy to arrange – no complicated forms to fill in