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Life Insurance
Only pays out a defined sum of money upon the death of the insured person(s) during the term of the policy.

Critical Illness
Experts say you are six times more likely to claim under critical illness than life insurance!

If you are considering taking out critical illness insurance to pay for the cost of private medical treatment then you should instead consider opting for private medical insurance - which we can provide. The reason why critical illness cover is so useful is that there are no restrictions on how you can use it. So it could be used:-
  • to help pay your mortgage, or
  • to allow you to go part-time, or
  • generally ease your household finances
Type of Insurance
Level Cover is ideal for those who have an interest only mortgage. The tax free cash lump sum payable will remain the same throughout the period of your plan.

Decreasing Cover is ideal for those who have a capital and interest mortgage. As the cash lump sum required to pay off the mortgage debt decreases, so does the value of the plan.
Type of cover
Those who take out life insurance policies do so to cover the period their children are growing up or to cover such things as funeral expenses.Over what period?
It is never easy to think about the impact of your death but ensuring you get the right level of life cover is extremely important. Vital things to consider are:
  • mortgage debt
  • cost of childcare
  • loss of income
  • other outstanding debts
Plus there are other eventualities which you don't really think about. So try and get as much cover as your budget will permit. The hardest bit of life insurance is recognising our own mortality. The easiest thing is to make provision should the worst happen.
Amount of cover
Critical Illness Cover
Critical illness cover is claimed 6 times more often than normal life insurance which is why it is more expensive. Rather than obtaining cover for your mortgage think about it more in terms of your salary.

A critical illness could mean an extended period of time off work where your salary could dramatically reduce or in the worst case scenario you could lose your job. So the last thing you would want to be worried about when critical ill is your finances which is where critical illness insurance comes in.
Critical Illness Cover
Guaranteed Premium ensures that the premium will remain the same for the lifetime of the policy.

Reviewable Premium - means that the policy premiums will be reviewed at pre-determined times from the start of the policy eg every 5 years. Although Reviewable Premiums may be lower than Guaranteed Premiums there may be certain factors eg your state of health, which may cause the premiums to increase.
Type of premium

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